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Why Join the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce?

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A chamber of Commerce is a group that works to support and promote the interests of its members. We help make your business visible and bring the local community together. With over 400 members strong everyone knows someone who may be the right fit to be your client or customer!

How does the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce support my business?

We passionately strive to develop a pro-business climate, offer opportunities for you to network with other business owner, drive growth, increase visibility and promote tourism, serve as a liaison between local businesses and government officials, advocate with our community, improve the quality of life in our community, create opportunities and listen to what our members need. We are keenly aware of the fact that we have a diverse set of members who have different needs and wants from us, so we aim to make sure you are heard with what you need from us. We are your partner.

Our membership options:

Non-Profit $100 per year
Small Business (1-6 employees) $225 per year
Small Business, less than 1 year in Business $200 per year
Medium Business (7-15 employees) $375
Medium Business, less than 1 year in business $325
Corporation (16+ employees) $500
Corporation, less than 1 year in business $435

Friend of the Chamber (email for more info)    

What kind of events do you offer?

Not just for business openings, anniversaries and major announcements too.

Best fit for service providers to showcase their space and their products.

A great fit for restaurants, wineries, breweries to showcase their food and drink

Experts in their field share their knowledge.

Our annual dinner celebrating our members and the members who have changed our community throughout the year

We produce and distribute 20,000 Official Warwick Valley guides.

Orange County’s largest festival, attracting over 30,000 people a year.

Bringing together some of the best restaurants in the Warwick Valley for one delightful night of dining at the beautiful Warwick Valley Winery.

A great day of golf and fundraising for our scholarships that we offer to high school students throughout the Warwick Valley.

What do our members have to say about us?

“Having been a charter member of the “Warwick Board of Trade” since 1934, which became the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce in 1939, with our founder, Harry Seely, being its first President…you could say we are staunch believers in supporting our Chamber and understand the long-term benefits!  It’s simple really.  As a local community-based business, you become a member of THE organization whose mission it is to support business, to promote our business interests, to foster connections with other businesses, and who has done more to promote tourism and growth to the area than any other entity!!  A strong business community means a strong economy, which means a strong housing market, which promotes a strong and healthy school district.  I cannot think of another organization who does more to strengthen all aspects of our Community!  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE!!”

Garrett Durland, Managing Partner, Seely & Durland insurance, Past president WVCC

Etched In Time Engraving has been an active member of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce since 2005.

"At my very first chamber mixer I connected with other business owners who were dedicated and like minded individuals. They became my business associates and mentors who I could lean on for advice and encouragement in various areas.  We continue to share our experiences and resources within our community locally and beyond."

These relationships are invaluable to my business and professional career. 18 years strong!   

Nicole Repose, owner Etched In Time Engraving 58 Main St. Warwick, NY

Being newer to the area, my involvement with the chamber has provided me with a sense of connection to the local business community. When the opportunity arises, it also gives me the confidence in recommending other businesses and service providers.

Kerim Tulun, KT Wealth Management, Chamber member since 2021, Board member since 2023 

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