Lisa Pearce, owner of Savvy Chic in Warwick

Those designer jeans your teen will be clamoring for before school starts don’t have to break your bank. As the economy remains tight and purse strings tighter, upscale consignment shops are reaping the benefits of once-worn designer teen and adult women’s fashions – and selling at a fraction of their original cost.

“Some of our consignment items come in with the tags still on them,” said Lisa Pearce, who bought Savvy Chic Consignment Boutique in Warwick in 2009. The mother of three did not want to commute, so when she started working for the original owner and was offered an opportunity to buy the business, she jumped.

“Business was good, the hours worked for me and my family, and most of all, this is providing young women and their mothers an opportunity to buy upscale designer clothing and apparel at prices they can’t find at discount outlets,” Pearce said while tagging clothing in her nearly 1,000-square-foot store. “In this economy, everyone is watching how they spend, yet they want to be fashionable. If that’s what they need, Savvy Chic is the place to make it happen.”

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