Heaven Hill Farm’s ‘What the Hay’ contest

The four youngsters who won the People’s Choice Award are members of the Warwick Valley Jr. FFA. From the left, they are Erin Langdale, 13, Sydney Chisholm, 12, John Hobart, 13, and Jack Pennington, 11. The are all residents of Warwick, N.Y.

VERNON, N.J. — The various eco-tourism farms of northern New Jersey and southern New York always pack in visitors during the autumn pumpkin season and although the season is getting off to a slow but steadily intensifying start, Heaven Hill Farm in Vernon has been taking a proactive approach towards making the season as fun as it can be for area residents.

According to Phyllis Emmerich, the farm’s Outdoor Lifestyles Manager, this year they wanted to try to entice area residents to get involved with the farm’s first annual “What the Hay” contest. Residents from Vernon and Warwick spent two days creating their hay sculptures.

The “What the Hay” (hay bale sculpting) contest had two winners in the competition. The select group of judges included DJ Steve Andrews of WSUS radio, 102.3 FM. DJ Steve was also the emcee and announcer for the contest.

Original Article printed in Warwick Advertiser and can be viewed Here

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